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Kundli +

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You will get the following details in Kundli 04 : (Total Pages : 185-215)  
Opening page
Basic Calculations
Large Birth Chart & Navamsha Chandra,
Navamsha and Bhava Sudarshan Chakra
Shodashvarga Summary
Vimshottari Standard - MD & AD
Vimshottari Short- AD & PD #1-2
Life Time Interpretations
Divisional Charts # I 
Divisional Charts # II
Planetary Friendship
Detailed Shadbala
Aspects on Planets
Bhavas Planetary Avasthas
Ashtakavarga - Bhinnashtaka #1
Ashtakavarga - Bhinnashtaka #2
Ashtakavarga- Sarvashtakavarga
Sarva Chancha Chakra
Ashtakavarga Reductions
Vimshottari Standard-MD and AD
Vimshottari Detailed-AD & PD #1-5
Yogini (Short) MD and AD #1 -2
Ashtottari MD and AD
Transit Interpretations
Dasha Interpretations
Sub Planets/Upagrahas
Birth Charts
Divisional Charts - Ashtakavarga Health
Vimshottari Detailed- AD &PD #6-9
Vimshottari Short PD & Sookshma #1-3 (4P+1C+7N)
Ashtottari Standard MD & AD
Ashtottari Short AD and PD #1-4
Yogini detailed MD and AD #1-3
Kala Chakra MD & AD
Kala Chakra AD & PD #1-5
Jaimini System
Chara Dasha #1-2
Sthira Dasha #1
Sadhesati Calculations
Sadhesati - Kantaka Calculations
Krishnamurti Padhati - Chart Krishnamurti Padhati Significators
Varshaphala Charts # 1-6
Panchanga Details General Interpretations 1-2
Lucky Points
Nakshatra Interpretations
Interpretations - 9 planets
Bhavesh 1-12
Mangala Dosha Consideration
Mangala Dosha Results &Remedies
Results of Sadhesati
Cycles Results of Sadhesati
Dhayya Results of Kantaka Saturn
Remedies for Sadhesati
Recommendations for GemStonel-2
1001 Yogas: Applicable Benefic Yogas
1001 Yogas: Applicable Mixed Yogas
1001 Yogas: Applicable Malefic Yogas
Solutions of Mahadasha (Only Hindi )

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